The Goal of Difficult Places to Functional Spaces is to help people organize their homes, offices and lifestyles so that they can have more time and less stress. I organize all areas of the home, but my specialty is closets.

Think of how many times you open your closet. It should make you happy because it is neatly organized and all the clothes are flattering and fit your lifestyle. This is not often the case. Many women open jam packed closets and feel they have nothing to wear. Afraid to throw “perfectly good” clothes out, they keep them, taking up valuable space.

After going through your closet together we can decide what to keep, what to throw out, and what to donate. Many of the remaining items can be put together in a variety of ways you may never have considered before. Having worked in retail, selling ladies clothing, I have assisted women in putting together an outfit they said they never would have thought of trying on but ended up loving it!

Together, we will “shop” your closet to come up with new combinations and decide what to buy in the future to compliment the clothing you already own. Less clothing but more possibilities! Jewelry, scarves and accessories will be organized and add to your new look!

Whether you work in the business world or are a stay at home Mom, a closet filled with clothes that work for you can make your life a lot easier.


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